How to arrange a job interview... more effectively!

Publication Date: May 19, 2014, 3:19 p.m.

As far as vacancies are concerned, you should follow some strategies and arrange interviews with companies that match your career field. The limited opportunities for employment and the increasing competition among candidates make it difficult for around 27% of Greeks to cross the threshold of employment. The following steps will help you open the gates to the job market.
Stand out from the rest of candidates
 Competition in the job market is fierce and you surely must find a way to stand out from the tons of résumés. Your application must convince the hiring manager that you are the ideal candidate! Your résumé must be up-to-date and visually perfect, showcasing your experience. It is also important to have some references from your previous jobs, so that you can actively push yourself forward.
Write a targeted cover letter
Write a cover letter that shows, at first glance, that you are a fighting worker. The purpose of this is not to repeat your résumé, but to highlight your professional qualifications that meet the job requirements. It is important to portray yourself in a good light, as you must catch director's interest, in the first few seconds.
Sell your "brand" in a clever way
Sometimes, the hiring managers google the candidates, before the interview process. Make sure they find only professional information about you, and try to keep your profiles in social networks ⎼ like in Facebook and LinkedIn ⎼ updated. Moreover, be certain your profiles are professional.
Open a new email account... only for job advertisements
If you set up a specific email account just for job searching, then you will be certain that every mail you receive is about work. Thus, there is no chance that your professional email will get mixed in with your personal mail.
Use your connections
If you have any contacts at the company, which interests you, then use them! Maybe they can promote your résumé, so that you arrange an interview much faster. Besides, only through your acquaintances, you can get more information about a company and judge whether it is ideal for you.
Be dynamic
Remember: "One who hesitates is lost". Do not wait for a job offer to come, but go after it! Get familiar with job search engines and advertisements and send your résumé right away. Consider that if you wait a while, someone else might fill the position.
Prepare yourself for the interview
In every interview process, there is a set of standard questions, which can give you an advantage. Prepare yourself properly and think of the ideal answers, for example, why you want to work for that company, or which your strong points are. In addition, pay attention to your appearance, since the first impression is the most important one. Buy some formal clothes and make a difference!
Proofread your résumé
A typographical or grammatical error in your résumé might cost you a job position or send it to the recycle bin. Use the spellchecker and ask a friend or relative to review it. It is true that a neat and well-written résumé reflects your education and your later attitude to the company.
Expand your network
It is not a shame if everyone knows that you are looking for a job. Make it public in your Facebook profile or to your professional contacts. There are many professionals looking for talents and highly qualified employees for their companies. Let them know about your desire!
Writer: Liana Georgoulopoulou
Translator: Aggeliki Deloni

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