10 steps to build a good relationship with your boss

Publication Date: May 8, 2014, 2:07 p.m.

 Since cooperation between employees and their managers is a real prop in difficult professional situations, it should be based on support, trust and honesty, within legal and moral limits.


But how can a professional relationship set solid foundations?


More tasks than required                                            

The manager of a company doesn't value the employees who only do what they are paid to do, but the ones who look for new responsibilities, in order to contribute to the development of the company. Being always proactive, taking initiatives and suggesting solutions will make your boss think highly of you.


Gossip-free workplace

You must not pass to your co-workers any negative comments about your boss. Not only is it unprofessional, but also highly dangerous for your relationship with him/her. It is more than likely that the gossips will come to his/her knowledge, resulting in ruining your career and reputation.


A piece of advice might help

Your boss’s advice may be especially useful for your career, while sometimes it is a token of your gratitude and confidence in him/her. Besides, it is very helpful to get experience from a superior and learn from your mistakes.


Responsibility at work

It is important to stay focused on your job and avoid surfing the Internet or unceasingly chatting with your colleagues. Being responsible at work might make you powerful and quite pleased with the result of your job.


Positive attitude

Having a positive attitude at your workplace may boost the morale of your boss and your co-workers. On the contrary, complaints and misery can turn you into a negative and very unpleasant employee.


Solutions via discussion

It is reasonable to have disagreements, while working, as long as they are not intended or for the wrong reasons. They will probably turn out productive, while discords quite negative. It is very essential not to bear a grudge but to overcome each obstacle via discussion and understanding.


Consistency and effectiveness count a lot

Consistency and effectiveness are the key ingredients of a good relationship with your manager, since without them there can be no confidence and respect. When you finish your work on time and the result is impressive, the relationship with your boss is greatly improved.


No excuses

When you admit your mistakes, you establish stronger and more effective relationships with your boss and your co-workers. Lies lead to more lies and their consequences might ruin your career. Making excuses on a regular basis always gets ridiculous.


Getting to know your boss personally

Family, hobbies, everyday problems: since they are all part of life, you should better keep a close and friendly relationship with your boss, outside of work. Sharing your experiences, happiness and sorrow will bring you closer to your manager, and you two will further develop trust and appreciation.


Good work relationships

Having good relationships with your colleagues does not only create a happy workplace, but also pleases your boss. If your co-workers respect you, your boss values you as well by showing how much he/she trusts you, something that might advance your career.


Writer: Liana Georgoulopoulou

Translator: Aggeliki Deloni

Source: flowmagazine.gr


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