Believe In You seminars: Believe in yourself and stand up for your life dreams

Publication Date: May 7, 2014, 4:48 p.m.

Who do you believe that has control of your life: You or the others? How often do you use phrases like “I don’t make it in time” or “ I don’t have enough time”. Do you feel like that you’ re not enough or that you are not getting what you deserve? Change your life attitude and pursue the life of your dreams just by believing in yourself and your abilities.


Believe In You is organizing four new personal development  seminars that I will lecture. The subjects are Positive Thinking, Self-Confidence, Goal Setting and time management.


The four seminars are a complete and united series for training in the basic skills required for all people in order to clear their life goal and enable their power to make their dreams come true. Every seminar can stand independently. We, however, suggest you participate in all four of them because there are connections.


Each participants will receive  the goal setting diary “Erga,Stoxoi kai hmeres” as a tool for  writing down and planning personal goals.


Seminars are addressed to those who want:


  • To get rid of negative thoughts
  • To boost their self esteem
  • To achieve a goal
  • To organize their time effectively
  • Generally to bring a positive change in their lives




  • Theory-slights
  • Exercises
  • Practical advice
  • Neuro-linguistic programming(NLP)
  • Discussion
  • Use of real life examples


More specifically the seminars include:


«Goal Setting»


Goal: To help the participants set and then achieve a personal or professional goal.

Subjects: How to set a goal, how to plan and how to achieve a goal taking into consideration all aspects.

Benefits for the participants:

During the seminars the participants are going to :

  • Learn how to set a goal in order to be achievable
  • Learn how to divide a goal into smaller parts
  • Receive helping tools for achieving a goal
  • Put their goals in priority
  • Be mentally empowered so they can be more loyal to achieving their goal.


«How to develop positive thinking»


Goal: To help their participants think more positively in their everyday life

Subjects: How to develop positive thinking, obstacles and how to deal with them, how to transform negative thoughts into positive, how to deal with negative thoughts

Benefits for the participants

During the seminar the participants are going to:

  • Take part in exercises in order to learn how to transform negative thoughts into positive.
  • Learn how to put bounds in the way negative people affect their mood
  • Learn how to use positive thinking to deal with obstacles in achieving their goal
  • Learn how to use Neuro-linguistic programming(NLP) to think more positive


«Time management»


Goal: To help their participants manage their time more effectively

Subjects: How to organize their time, how to deal effectively with wastes of time, how to put priorities and use a task manager

Benefits for the participants

During the seminar the participants are going to:

  • Learn how to perceive time in all its dimensions
  • Learn how to live in “now”
  • Take practical advice for managing their time effectively
  • Receive helping tools for time management
  • Learn how to organize their time according to their goal




Goal: To help their participants believe in themselves

Subjects: how to recognize our strengths, how to gain self-respect and self-esteem, how to deal with criticism

Benefits for the participants

During the seminar the participants are going to:

  • Learn about their strengths and weaknesses
  • Become more ready to “dare” new things
  • Learn how to accept or change aspects of themselves that make them feel uncomfortable
  • Learn how to put limits in the way others affect their self confidence




Friday 09/05                                                     17:30-20:30 Goal Setting

Friday 16/05                                                     17:30-20:30 Positive Thinking

Friday 23/05                                                     17:30-20:30 Time Management         

Friday 30/05                                                     17:30-20:30  Self- Confidence


Location: Ι.Ι.Ε.Κ. ΔΕΛΤΑ,  Ιουλιανού 33 & 3ης Σεπτεμβρίου, Athens


Time of arrival: 30 minutes before start


Price ( You take the goal setting diary “Goals, acts and days” for free)

A) attending  1 seminar 20€

B) attending 2 seminars 30€

C) attending 4 seminars 60€   

You can register here:

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