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Publication Date: March 11, 2014, 2:02 p.m.

Youtube is full of videos that can give hope, courage and an optimistic point of view. After a brief search in the category of “ inspirational videos” I chose the best and I am recommending them to you in order to become a source of inspiration for you to pursue your dreams until the end.


People are awesome 2013

Impressive achievements in sports that show us that people are actually capable of doing amazing things!


Apple-think different

Apple’s advertising spot ,a tribute to all people who had the courage to think differently and believe in their ideas while the whole world considered them to be crazy.


Rocky Balboa inspirational speech 

A motivating speech about the difficulties in life coming from a father to a son. The video is part of “ Rocky Series”


Never give up on your goals 

Series of quotes on why we shouldn’t give up on our goals.


The power of change

A video that is actually an encouragement to pursue our real dream instead of staying somewhere we don’t belong


Change your mind

A different point of view about the obstacles we face


The Most Amazing Inspirational Video you will ever see!

This video’s purpose is to free us from prejudices that make us believe that only few people can follow their dreams because of the circumstances.


Motivational video for startups and entrepreneurs

Motivating video for entrepreneurs


Motivational story of a deaf girl 

A story of a deaf girl who has this controversial dream of playing the violin


Rise and shine

A speech about obstacles that we create for ourselves


Steve Jobs inspirational speech

The touching speech of Steve Jobs after he had been informed he had cancer. In this video he refers to his point of view about failure and success.


True leader

A young kid becomes a “ leader” in his effort to fix a frustrating situation in the roads of India.


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