New Believe In You Seminars: Effective communication!

Publication Date: June 6, 2014, 1:48 p.m.

Have you ever felt that people do not understand you or that you are not able to conflict in presence of mind? How often do you ask for what you want? How do you feel around people with a negative mind?


We come to touch with many people everyday. But, with how many of them do we actually communicate? To have good relationships in our family, work environment or even during our entertainment, communication is a skill that once we learn it, it can help is in every aspect of our lives!


Effective communication is, thus, the new subject Believe In You is organizing four new seminars about! The subjects of the seminars are: Sex conflict- Effective communication between couples, conflict management, negative people management and Αssertiveness- Νegotiations.


The new seminars will be once again held in a special price in accordance with Believe In You’s vision to make knowledge for life skills affordable to all people!


Seminars are addressed to those who desire:


  • To communicate in a better way with the other sex
  • To deal effectively with conflicts
  • To put limits to people with negativism between their family, group of friends or work environment.
  • To become more assertive.
  • To be effective in negotiations not only as far as their career is concerned but generally in every relationship.
  • To learn the art of communication comprehensively




  • Theory-slights
  • Exercises
  • Practical advice
  • Discussion
  • Use of real life examples


Sex conflict- Effective communication between couples (Friday 13 June 17:30-20:30)


The seminar’s purpose? To give to the participants all essential knowledge in order for them to achieve the unachievable, to live in harmony with the other sex!


Agenda: How to understand the other sex, when should we back down,what are the differences in perception between the two sexes, effective communication between the couple.


Conflict management( Friday 20 June 17:30-20:30)


Purpose: To learn how to preserve our presence of mind and make real dialogue during a conflict


Agenda: How and when should we avoid a conflict, How to stay calm during a conflict, how to make constructive dialogue during a conflict


Negative people management( Friday 27 June 17:30-20:30)


Purpose: To learn how to put limits in negative people’s affect in our lives


Agenda: How to manage people with negativism, How to put limits to negative people, how to preserve our positive mood during interaction with negative people.


Assertiveness- Negotiations (Friday 30 June 17:30-20:30)


Purpose: To learn how to be assertive in life and how to make effective negotiations in order to obtain what we want!


Agenda: How to pass from being defensive or offensive to being assertive, how to express properly our desires, how to be persuasive, how to present our arguments.


More information


Location: Ι.Ι.Ε.Κ. ΔΕΛΤΑ, Ioulianou 33 & 3 Septemvriou, Athens

Arrival time: 17:00

Contact number : 210 6128281


In all participants will be given Certificate of Attendance and there will be held priority order as capacity is limited.


Each seminar’s price: 20€ with submission in bank (Eurobank, account number 0026.0315.89.0200457136 and payee name Evaggelia Xirafa)


If interested, you can register here:

You will receive confirmation mail for your registration. In order for your registration to be valid, you should submit the money in the account number mentioned above and inform us via email at mentioning your full name.



Ι.Ι.Ε.Κ. ΔΕΛΤΑ │ Sieben | InEdu





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