When stress increases while we are unemployed…

Publication Date: July 10, 2014, 3:43 p.m.

Fight the stress caused by unemployment! Anger and disappointment “open” the door to stress and to silly mistakes during job interviews… Don’t consider une

mployment as a personal failure. Consider it as a chance to learn from your mistakes and to explore your dreams. Besides, how many times do we follow the wrong paths due to financial pressure or unintentionally steer towards self-destruction? The following advice will help you manage your stress creatively…


Don’t be passive… get active!


If you don’t chase after a certain position, it won’t come looking for you. Try to “unglue” yourself from the couch and send your CV everywhere, arrange dozens of interviews and try, in every way, to promote the fact that you are available for work. Weave your way through the Internet, get in touch with a large network of employers… and grab any chance of employment!


Make a deal with your emotions


It’s time to set your emotions free and stop pretending that everything will be OK. It’s not bad to be angry, afraid or disappointed! If you don’t deal with your emotions… you won’t be able to free yourself of negative thoughts. Note down on a piece of paper whatever you feel, accept reality and focus on your goals.


View the situation positively and optimistically


You definitely aren’t the only unemployed person in Greece! Keep to a daily routine and write a list of everything you wish to achieve in life. Your finances may not be the best but until you get a job you have the time to discover things that really make you happy. Find the incentive which will make you wake up in the morning feeling active, e.g. a hobby, voluntary work, a part time job.


Ask your family for help


Unemployment affects the whole family… so don’t isolate yourself from your parents or siblings. If you don’t communicate with them you will feel more pressured and you won’t have any support! Besides, if they all know how you feel, they will give you practical support and advice on looking for a job.


Get in touch with other unemployed people


Don’t underestimate the power of solidarity! If you let everybody know that you are looking for a job… they might help you achieve your goal. Begin with your friends and continue even with groups which support unemployed people, whether on the Internet or face to face. It’s easier to find a job word of mouth.


Look after yourself


Never forget that your wealth is your health… and not your money! Live a balanced life; sleep but have fun as well and find the time to exercise daily. Relax and don’t neglect yourself; this can only harm you! Protect yourself and steer away from excesses, such as alcohol and smoking.


Source: flowmagazine.gr

Writer: Liana Georgoulopoulou

Translator: Panayiota Vlahopoulou

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