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Publication Date: July 4, 2014, 3:59 p.m.

Do you communicate effectively? How often do you smile? Do you feel optimistic? From being understood to believing in yourself, everything is in your own hands and all you need is… practice it!


With the intention to cover your needs for practice and answers to personal questions of everyday life Believe In You goes one step forward. «Believe In You in action» during July with five new strictly experiential seminars in personal development and communication.


The subjects of the seminars are: Personal communication skills- The role of the sender, Personal communication skills-The role if the receiver, Body language and Self-Confidence. Through exercises, role playing and discussion of our actual needs, the intention of the seminars is to learn deeply all these skills that are so complicated but, in the same time, so necessary for a happy life! In other words? We come from theory to practice!


The seminars will be lectured by me and there will be offered in a special price in the context of our dream to make knowledge for all life skills affordable to the public. Moreover, because of their experiential character the number of the participants will be limited!


Seminars are directed to those who wish to:


  • Approach deeper their communication skills, positive thinking and self-confidence.
  • Discuss real needs, difficulties or problems relative to the seminars’ subjects.




  • Experiential exercises
  • Role Playing
  • Neuro-linguistic programming
  • Discussion
  • Use of everyday life examples from our life


Seminars Programme:


Monday 7 July, 17:30-20:30: Personal Communication skills- The role of the sender

Wednesay 9 July, 17:30-20:30: Personal Communication skills- The role of the receiver

Friday 11 July 17:30-20:30: Body language- How to read the signs and how to handle yours

Monday 14 July 17:30-20:30: Positive Thinking- Practice and application

Wednesay 16 July 17:30-20:30: Self Confidence- reinforcement techniques


More information


Location: Ι.Ι.Ε.Κ. ΔΕΛΤΑ, Ioulianou 33 & 3 Septemvriou, Athens

Arrival time: 17:00

Contact number : 210 6128281


In all participants will be given Certificate of Attendance and there will be held priority order as capacity is limited.


Each seminar’s price: 20€ with submission in bank (Eurobank, account number 0026.0315.89.0200457136 and payee name Evaggelia Xirafa)


If interested, you can register here:



You will receive confirmation mail for your registration. In order for your registration to be valid, you should submit the money in the account number mentioned above and inform us via email at info@flowmagazine.gr mentioning your full name.

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