Believe In You: New life skills seminars!

Publication Date: Aug. 8, 2014, 5:30 p.m.

Believe in You is coming with a full program of new seminars for life skills during September and October. The subjects of the seminars have to do with communication, human relationships, mental empowerment, career building and parental advice.


Communication seminars

01/09 The art of communication

03/09 How to give and receive feedback

05/09 Orientation of negative people

08/09 Assertiveness

10/09 Negogiations

12/09 Conflict Management


Mental empowerment seminars

15/09 Positive Thinking

17/09 Self Confidence


Parental Advice

22/09 How to build your child’s self confidence

24/09 How to help your children to set goals

26/09 How to develop your children’s talents


Career Building

29/09 Making a career plan

01/10 Stress Management

03/10 Time Management

06/10 Goal Setting

08/10 Presentation techniques

10/10 How to create your own company


Human Relationships

13/10 Emotional Intelligence

15/10 Total mind training

17/10 Body language

20/10 Impression Management


Seminars can be attented as a whole or separately.

More information and registrations here:

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