How can positive thinking improve our lives? – Part B

Publication Date: Aug. 4, 2014, 3:30 p.m.

In part A of the previous article the main discussion was about the effects of positive and negative thinking of the individual concerning the brain function. In this article we will focus mainly on the way one can think positively. The experience of positive feelings such as joy, pleasure and love, creates more chances in life and reinforces the feeling of choice. What happens however when negative thinking takes over your actions and decisions? A few examples of negative thinking follow and ways of how to transform them into positive thinking are suggested.


Transforming negative thinking into positive thinking.


Negative thought

I don’t know anything about it.

Positive thought

It’s a chance to learn something.


Negative thought

The situation is very complicated.

Positive thought

I will tackle it from a different viewpoint.


Negative thought

There is no time

Positive thought

Let’s reevaluate my priorities


Negative thought

The situation is not going to change

Positive thought

I can seek ways of changing it.


Negative thought

Nobody is talking to me.

Positive thought

I’ll start the conversation.



According to Barbara Fredrickson (researcher of positive psychology at the University of North Carolina) positive thinking increases your potential and your potential urges you in turn to develop new, useful life skills. If positive thinking is of the utmost importance for developing valuable skills, then how can one repel negative thinking?


* Force yourself to stop thinking of the reasons why you can’t do what you want. Train your brain to think positively about your abilities the moment a negative thought surfaces, like for example: “I’m incapable of doing this job.” At the same time, regularly pursuing suitable practices with which to realize your aims will soon bring on the desirable change.


* When you find yourself in a situation where you experience feelings of anxiety, remind yourself that this anxiety isn’t real. Force yourself to focus on pleasant thoughts and deal with pleasant and creative activities every time you worry about a matter.


* Recording planned business meetings and weekly events and other important commitments in your diary is a systematic practice. When was the last time though that you recorded an hour of fun in your diary? Experiencing feelings of joy through activities isn’t less important than your business meetings of Wednesday. Therefore, plan time for play and adventure. This way, you will develop new skills and you will be engulfed in feelings of satisfaction and joy.


* Nobody can decide and create the future for you. You are responsible for your own life. Nobody can determine your degree of skills; everything depends on your own intention and insistence.


* Learn to optimize your potential and use it in a constructive way.


* A change in appearance can change your mood. Small changes to your hairstyle, your clothes and to your makeup are enough to make you feel good.


* Comparing yourself to other people is a no-no. Instead of focusing on the positive points of the person you … admire, focus on your own qualities, otherwise you will feel inferior.




Experiencing happiness is especially important since it is a situation during which you can broaden your potential and develop skills necessary in all fields of life. Building happiness and experiencing positive feelings are realized through various activities such as meditation, creative writing, and sport. These activities are conducive to the reduction of stress and bring about a smile.


Undoubtedly, happiness is the result of success. Winning in a game, achieving a better position at work, finding the love of your life are moments when you feel happy and fulfilled.


The researchers, in essence, noted that happy people develop new skills, these skills lead to success and success in turn, brings about success. And this process is repeated through chain reactions.


Writer: Sanna Nanou, Philologist, 11/11/13

Translator: Panayiota Vlahopoulou


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