Business Cards: essential when looking for a job

Publication Date: April 30, 2014, 11:52 a.m.

A personal business card is an essential tool and a guarantee of professionalism. Remember that it depicts part of your professional personality and your activities. The cards come in thousands of designs, colors and choices, depending on the company or your personality. Indeed they add to the prestige of a professional and are an essential tool in marketing and sales. Pay attention to the following advice and create a business card… which stands out from the mass!


Choose the color of the card… according to your profession!


The color of the card is usually adjusted to the type of your business. Warm colors, like blue and white, are ideal for a doctor’s card. On the contrary, an artist needs a more creative card i.e. with black matte items. Of course, if your profession requires close personal contact, such as a realtor… try adding your photograph on a white card.


Choose the font carefully


Specialized fonts are more fun than the “classic” ones but less legible. Make certain that they aren’t too small, too flashy or “distorted” because this way you will cause your clients difficulties. If you wish to make the card more special, use an unusual design-logo which will get your clients’ attention.


Include only the most important data


It’s tempting to decrease the size of the font and add more data on the card… but avoid it! The business card cannot become a CV but should only mention your name, capacity, trade name of the company, its address, your web page, your email and your phone number.  Besides, too much data will certainly distract someone’s attention.


Experiment with a distinctive card… without overdoing it!


The designs for business cards are countless. Others have rounded corners, some are embossed and some transform from a simple card into a mini leaflet.  Find the one you like best but be careful not to overdo it!


Design the card according to your companies


If you have more than one companies, for instance if you own 2 sites, then you can place one company on the front side of the card and one on the back of the card.  Maybe, if your companies are connected in some way… you might have more clients than before. However, if you do two completely different jobs, you should create two separate business cards, so as to avoid confusion.


Avoid cards with too much color or too many designs


It is the norm nowadays for cards to have colored print, with designs on both sides… but this way there is no empty space left! The client may wish to make notes or write down an extra phone number…but how will they be able to do so on a card which has dark colored surfaces back and front?


Ask a professional graphic designer for help


Even if you have bought blank business cards and an inkjet printer so as to create your own cards at home… opt for the assistance of a graphic designer! A business card is part of the first impression you make to the client and can “book” you many jobs. Don’t hesitate to turn to a graphic designer so as to create a card which reflects your company.



Writer: Liana Georgoulopoulou

Translator: Panayiota Vlahopoulou


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