How to boost our self confidence seminar!

Publication Date: April 28, 2014, 4:15 p.m.

It was with a mini exercise that we began the Self-Confidence Seminar on Friday the 28th of March at Global training organization.  The participants not only introduced themselves, but I also told us three of their strengths!


After we talked about the definition of self-confidence, we started revealing the truth behind some myths by saying that there is no man who has confidence at everything and no man who has confidence at nothing! Self-confidence covers many aspects of life. For that reason, I asked the participants to “rate” themselves in all aspects of self-confidence as well as “rate” the time they are spending to build it! In which aspects are they self-confident and in which aren’t they?


We moved on with practical advice and proposed activities we can do to boost self-confidence. My advice to the participants was to read related books and watch movies, but mostly to try new activities because self-confidence is something we can acquire first by action and then mentally (internally)!


Among the final advice I gave to the participants was one about keeping a more philosophical attitude towards failure. The best way to think isn’t “I have self-confidence because I don’t make mistakes” but “I have self-confidence even if I make mistakes”. Let’s all, for one time, say a good word to ourselves for our mistakes…


That seminar was the last of another Believe In You series of seminars and I was happy to see those shy hands raising when I asked my last question: Who is committed to bringing a positive change in his/her life?

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