A new supervisor at work: What to do…

Publication Date: April 25, 2014, 10:21 a.m.

Times change… and supervisors come and go at work! The first meeting with the new boss may seem like a “blind date” but if we want to promote our career we should at least try to make a good impression.  Is the new supervisor insecure, authoritative or dogmatic? The following advice will help us build a professional relationship which won’t undermine our career or lead us to unemployment …


Adjusting to an environment… with a new boss


A good impression is our first concern, especially the first month next to a new boss. It’s important to come to work earlier and try not to draw attention… especially when it comes to negative situations. At the same time, we must try not to be suspicious of our new supervisor but willing to try new methods and ideas, since this could even help us get promoted!


A face-to-face meeting after work


We must definitely arrange a meeting with our boss after the end of the first day of working together! We can discreetly prove that we are ready to begin building a professional relationship, keeping in mind that most new managers feel pressured by the changes. We must find out the basics about our new boss, figure out his views through his expressions and at the same time talk to him about our position in the company.


Offer to do small voluntary jobs


A new boss needs to adjust to the new environment… while work needs to go on! If we offer to do some small extra jobs, making his life easier… we will be compensated in the future. However, we must be careful not to step on other people’s toes and make our colleagues suspicious of us. It would be wiser to choose more discreet jobs and receive a silent “thank you” from our new boss.


Prove to your supervisor that you are trustworthy


We should keep in mind that “wise guys” create a bad first impression. When a person changes into an expert without being one, they will distort the truth in the end and won’t be considered trustworthy. A new supervisor, who is trying to discover who he can trust…, will figure out fake experts during the early days. If we do not know something, we should direct him to the one who does and thus keep our trustworthiness intact.


Rebuild your professional image


A new boss gives us the chance to create a “fresh” professional image. We might not have got on well with our previous boss, but now we have the chance to establish a sound relationship with the new one. The past is over and we can create a trusting professional relationship with our supervisor. Besides, people make mistakes… so let’s look upon them as life lessons!


Accepting a new role at work


As soon as possible, we must clarify our expectations to our new boss, making up a list together about what we expect from the job. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we should be a “threat” but, on the contrary, an ally. It would be wise, however, to remember that honesty and willingness frees the other person of enmity and suspicion.



Writer: Liana Georgoulopoulou, 03/04/2013


Translator: Panayiota Vlahopoulou


Source: flowmagazine.gr




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