10 things you must never say to your boss!

Publication Date: April 23, 2014, 2:09 p.m.

It just takes one wrong thing we say to our boss… and our marching papers await us! Even if we are right, we’ll get nowhere if we choose to be ironic, threatening or lazy instead of being polite and open to discussion. Sometimes we might reach the end of our tether at work, but let’s try to avoid the following 10 phrases… if we value our career.


“OK, it’s just a mistake! In any case, I’m not the only one to blame…”


There is nothing more annoying for a boss… than employees who, not only don’t own up to their mistakes, but blame others. We must take responsibility for our mistakes and not try to ignore them, in an effort to rectify the situation. It is advisable to avoid saying “what’s all the fuss about; I’ve just made one small mistake!”


“It’s impossible to get all this done in time!”


When faced with a “mission” our boss has given us… the word “impossible” doesn’t exist! To begin with, we have to find a way to meet his expectations, but even if this is not possible, we can suggest an alternative. For instance: “I like your plan, but there are important commitments to meet this month. Can’t we give it priority next month?”


“I’ve already booked tickets. I want my leave only then!”


It’s obvious that we haven’t considered the possibility that our plans may coincide with those of another colleague’s or that there might be an important deadline at the time. In any case, our supervisors will be looking at us as if we were aliens, since they are the ones to “OK” things. They will see it as if we undermining them and the result will be to get stuck with the tickets!



“Before we negotiate… I’ve another offer for a job!”


We can always look for alternatives as far as our career is concerned, but threatening to do so during the negotiation stage has never done anybody any good! The thought that someone else is offering us a higher salary… does affect the other party but eventually they don’t get past the threat. What will happen if we can’t find another job immediately? We will have to put up with the irony and the awkwardness at work.


 “What you’re requesting… isn’t part of my job”


Supervisors are aware of every employee’s responsibilities and so they don’t make decisions at random. They might be testing our abilities or they may be in need of extra help! If we say: “That is not part of my job”, then we are certainly putting our job at risk. If we do have a lot of work, we can simply ask them which task they would like us to start with…


“I don’t get paid enough for the work I do. So, I’ll work accordingly!”


If we say the above phrase, in an ironic manner, then we are bound to get the reply: “You are fired!” Of course, we wish to be paid according to how tiring our job is, but we need to handle this matter carefully. It would be better to arrange a meeting with our supervisor, talk calmly and respectfully and finally, mention a few examples which show how hard our job is.


“What are you shouting for? You were much cooler the other day when we were out for coffee”


That’s a phrase that can make our employers “hit the roof”, especially if we have our feet on the desk at the same time. We might have a friendly relationship with our supervisors, but at work we are professionals and unfortunately, we are their subordinates. Therefore, it would be best to separate our personal life from our work life.


“I can’t work with …”


After saying such a thing, every boss will focus on our bad attitude and not on the negative traits of the other employee! If there’s a problem, we can ask our boss for advice. For example, “I can’t work well with Kostas due to a lack of communication. What can I do, to improve the situation?”



“Oh! I should have asked you earlier but I didn’t want to bother you”


Something like this will infuriate our boss! Even if we are afraid of asking a question, whose reply is considered to be obvious, we must ask… because one mistake will cause problems. It is certain that they would rather be “bothered” than have to face getting the office back into shape.


“I don’t know what you would do without me”


No one’s irreplaceable, not even the head of the company. It’s good to believe in ourselves, but such statements will make our boss and colleagues respect us less. Of course, everyone will think that we are after special treatment, and as a result, will make our lives a living hell.


Writer: Liana Georgoulopoulou



Translator: Panayiota Vlahopoulou


Source: flowmagazine.gr








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