10 work habits you need to let go!

Publication Date: April 17, 2014, 5:24 p.m.

There are no work places without faults, nor employees without bad work habits. There are employees who never stop talking while documents pile up on their desks or employees who are still arriving one hour later after work has begun. However, with a little creativity not only will you avoid falling into the trap of the following habits but also turn them around so that they help you promote your career…


Put off doing a task… and miss the deadline!


How many times have we run around in a panic, at the last moment, to meet a deadline at work? If the situation gets out of hand, we’ll lose our employer’s trust. That’s why we should always have a timetable for our tasks.


We get “stuck on” Facebook and Twitter


If we log onto Facebook every 10 minutes, then we have a problem! If we want to escape our employer’s wrath, let’s ask him to put us in charge of updating the company’s business page. Besides, many employers require people who know everything about social media.



We criticize the company or our boss on the Internet


We can talk about what is happening at work on blogs, Facebook and Twitter. However, it wouldn’t be wise to publicly mention how much we hate our company or our boss, since the comments can “reach” even our boss’s PC.


Let daydreaming… take over!


We might be thinking of the weekend or of our summer holidays, but we are definitely not concentrating on our work. However, we can relax for 10 minutes and get back to work after that since, according to research, daydreaming is conducive to creativity!



We keep chatting despite the mound of work


Is everyone buried in work and we keep chatting along? It’s definitely not for the best to be seen lingering. However, it would be good to ask to work in a team, face to face with customers or be in charge of organizing the company parties.


We come late to work and leave early


Quite a few employees keep coming to work late and end up being the first to leave.  10 minutes might not be a problem but it certainly won’t do our reputation any good. The working hours are specific and if we keep on ignoring them… we’ll end up being considered as unprofessional.




We refuse to “bond” with our colleagues


We mustn’t mix our personal life with business… but why say no to a drink with our colleagues? Avoiding to “bond” with the others will not help our career. Besides, if we get to know the others better, time will go by faster at work.


We say: “I’m not paid to do this!”


If our boss asks us to do a job, we mustn’t refuse. Some say “I don’t get paid to make coffee!” However, the employer does not expect to hear this response. Besides, nearly no boss knows the details of every employee’s job description…


Our emails are quickly and carelessly written


One wrong “click” on the “Reply to all” button can cause a disaster! We must get used to double checking our emails and making certain they are formal. We should also be very careful when sending them. We must never send an email to a client containing spelling mistakes.


Exceed the limit when discussing our boss


Even if we are out for dinner with a colleague after work, we mustn’t talk about our boss. If a comment reaches the grapevine, we may even lose our job. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful of what we say even to the people who are closest to us.





Writer: Liana Georgoulopoulou, 21/05/2013


Translator: Panayiota Vlahopoulou

Source: flowmagazine.gr







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