10 habits which make a… hardworking employee!

Publication Date: April 15, 2014, 5:11 p.m.

According to this year’s survey by OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), the average Greek works more hours (2,032 hours per year) than the average of the rest of the countries. However, how many of these are also productive at work? Employees who “produce” ideas and get the work done don’t just look at what is on their job description but have the following habits…


They take frequent breaks to fill their batteries


Every 60 minutes they take a break to clear their minds. They go for a walk, they meditate, they do a little exercise… and generally try to relax so as to be more productive in the hours to come.


They follow the “80/20” rule and make a list of duties


Productive employees realize that 20% of their daily activities lead to 80% of their results. Therefore, they make lists only of duties which are important, paying very little attention to unimportant ones.


They invest a few minutes… to gain a lot of time!


Investing 20 minutes to organize a timetable can help one achieve over 4 hours of more productive work a day. When there is a timetable, work is delivered on time, finishes faster and more efficiently. So add a timetable to your work!


They put stock in small, daily successes


If someone wishes to become productive, they must set small, realistic goals since success is connected to daily action. Successful people take small steps which lead them towards their dream.


They begin their day by taking care of themselves


To become more productive, they begin their day pleasantly with a good breakfast, a bit of music and news. Before work they devote time to themselves, so that they feel like working and being creative at work.


They work hard… for their beliefs and their dreams!


They believe that every day “opens up” a door in their lives. Productive employees work hard to keep their dreams alive and make decisions, without being sidetracked by excuses.


They talk on the phone, instead of sending emails


Emails kill productivity and often distract one’s attention. When productive employees receive an email which has many recipients they lift up the phone and contact them directly.


They fight failure by looking forward


At difficult times, productive people don’t give up – they know they are becoming stronger and stronger. They keep their heads up high and smile, looking into the future. Thus, they don’t put an end to their creativity.


They choose their priorities in life


Time is important and successful employees set their priorities according to their lifestyle. It’s not a matter of balancing family time with work but of finding ways to enjoy the combination.


They keep away from distractions while at work


Productive employees lock their door, switch off their mobiles and disconnect the Internet so that they are completely focused on their job… therefore becoming twice as productive!


Writer: Liana Georgoulopoulou 30/05/2013


Translator: Panayiota Vlahopoulou


Source: flowmagazine.gr

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