They journey between goal setting and goal achieving seminar

Publication Date: April 14, 2014, 11:31 a.m.

How important is to set goals? How do we set a goal successfully and how do we achieve it? Goal setting was the subject by which we opened a new series of Believe In You seminars, on Thursday 27 March at Global Training!


Before we got to more practical subjects, we talked about our dreams. In our times, people, even at young ages, consider themselves crazy if they have big dreams, they put restrictions and they aim low. In other words, we have forgotten to make dreams… Between my personal goals, so, for this meeting was to motivate the participants to dream again! Besides, it may be true that dreaming big cannot reassure your success but it is also true that dreaming small can reassure your failure!


We, also, discussed about the meaning of a goal in relation to dream and vision, where are they connected and where are they differentiated?  We agreed that, in order to act, we first have to translate our vision into specific goals. That’s the only way our brain can be focused to act. For our dream to come true we must, therefore, “break” it into many small steps. In any case, our goals should be leaded by our vision because that’s how we can be sure they have true meaning for our lives.


We moved on with some practical advice and success secrets for achieving a goal. Do you want to hear some of them? Choose the talent you have, not the talent you want, motivate others to chase their dreams and dedicate yourself in a purpose because the most power comes when we focus it on a specific spot! What else? We defined which parameters are important in order for a goal to be achievable.


During the exercises, I asked the participants to visualize creatively. The imagined in detail the moment they have achieved their goal and they answered questions like How do they feel? Where are they? What are they wearing? I asked them, so, to keep this image because that image can give them more power to go on when they are ready to give up…


I also gave more exercises as homework as well as tools. Before we left we talked about a very important subject, the obstacles! What I did was to motivate the participants, as I want to motivate you who are reading this article, to write down what their obstacles are so they can see them in their real dimensions!


Believe In You was, thus, the message of the workshop and have been given that boost only goals can give we were ready to begin a new journey: How to think positively!  

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