10 ways to stay focused at work

Publication Date: April 11, 2014, 12:23 p.m.

You are in the office but you can't stay focused for more than ten minutes; everything diverts your attention and you end up having no time to fulfill your responsibilities; you get distracted all the time; you are in no mood for working. We are all familiar with such kind of days. But what is the secret that will help you maintain your focus at work?

We introduce to you ten simple ways so that you make your day at work easier.


Make a daily schedule and plan your day

There is no better way to organize your tasks than writing down a to-do list. Keep it next to you on your desk to remind you what you have to do during the day.


Listen to the right type of music

If the conditions at the office are favorable, you can listen to music, as it is a great way to get into the work routine. Nevertheless, it is important to choose the right type of music. For example, you probably become more productive when you listen to pieces of music without lyrics, because they might be distracting. However, you should work wearing headphones, since other people might not have the same taste in music, or prefer working in complete silence.


Fill up a bottle with water

It is quite important to keep yourself hydrated, for health reasons. In addition, you save time from constantly coming and going to refill your glass. Apart from the time issue, though, it also doesn't let you get distracted from your task.


Have lunch at the office

You don't have to do this every day. But, if a quite demanding task turns up ⎼ which requires you to be fully intent and consistent ⎼ it sounds as a good solution. A lunch break might interrupt you while you are doing an important work you have undertaken.


Find a specific time to do the boring tasks

In your job you will surely cope with tasks which you have already done or consider as boring. Find a specific time to work on them.  This way you will not alter your schedule and you will fulfil them with less unwillingness. Prefer to do them at the end of the day, when you are usually not in the mood for working busily, and you want to finish quickly.


Do not spend too much time on personal calls

We all try not to think about work during our free time. In the same way, personal calls should not take us a lot of time and preoccupy us during work. Make sure you give your friends and family short phone calls, or call them during your break. When you receive personal calls that are not of major importance, try to reduce the time you speak.


Keep your desk clean

The lack of tidiness in your personal workstation will definitely cause chaos. Organize your desk properly by removing any unnecessary items that distract you. The fewer items on your desk, the better for you. What you might need is a pen, a notebook to make notes, and a phone.


Use the computer shortcuts

If you are not fond of technology, shortcuts are going to give you a free hand. By simply pressing a button, you can open the program or the website you want. Thus, you save time and also stay focused on your goal, avoiding any other programs or sites that might attract your interest.


Avoid the social networking sites

While at work, avoid visiting social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter or Myspace. You may indulge in them in your free time. You can't stay focused on your work in this way, because a notification will always distract your attention.


Make your work enjoyable

Change the way you are thinking. We all know that working is difficult and tiring. For this reason, see your work as a game. Have fun, but at the same time be concentrated on your duties and take them seriously.


Writer: Akis Adamopoulos

Tranlator: Aggeliki Deloni

Source: flowmagazine.gr

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