Finding work through volunteering

Publication Date: April 10, 2014, 11:06 a.m.


Yes, we can indeed find a paid job starting out as volunteers! Is the job market “shutting” the door on us, or is it demanding the much sought after experience while at the same time it excludes us from it? Through volunteering we can acquire experience, gain valuable connections and develop our skills and simultaneously approach a vacant position. The methods below will help us increase our chances of getting a paid job… through volunteering!


Choose a suitable voluntary organization


It’s necessary to steer towards the voluntary organization… closest to our talent, our experience and studies. In particular, we need to search for charity organisations which need people with our skills.  For example, we should choose to volunteer for a hospital if we want to be nurses or doctors. Otherwise, we won’t get suitable offers!


Inform them that we’re looking for a job


If we battle on our own to develop from volunteers … to employees, we won’t manage to do anything! In other words, we must let others know that we are looking for a paid job, so that they can recommend us in case of an opening. We don’t have to “sell” our need, making the other person feel uncomfortable; we just need to be dedicated!


Make many acquaintances… which could help!


We can’t imagine how many people we can meet every day while volunteering.  We never know if the person opposite us knows somebody who can help or whether they, themselves, are the ‘boss’ in a company. For instance, a volunteer in a peace corps can meet business people from all over the world! In the meantime, through volunteering we acquire skills, which count in the job market and can make our CV attractive.


We must prove that we are competent volunteers


We might be looking for a job but we must be dedicated volunteers, if we want to achieve our goals, In order to be recommended for a position, we need to have worked hard, be patient, tolerant and flexible.  These qualities in combination with the result of our work… increase our chances of gaining a paid job.


We rely on our self-confidence … and patience!


Every organization is different and although they may be in need of hiring new staff they are also waiting for funding.  We must show patience and must be ahead in the area of experience.  One idea, in order to promote our talent and dedication, is to design a site with our activities, to organize an event, to process advertising material and so on.  In this way, we can easily and without being asked… prove our willingness and value.


Writer: Liana Georgoulopoulou, 28/04/2013


Translator: Panayiota Vlahopoulou



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