Getting over the fear of change at work

Publication Date: April 8, 2014, 5:45 p.m.


There are many people who are afraid of change at work. The reason lies in the lack of control which the predictability of their daily routine provides. They begin to fear failure, success, the weight of responsibility, the unknown, their image and many more. Let’s take a look at how we can get over all the above should there be changes made at work.



Acknowledge the change


The most important thing about alarming changes is to recognize them.  Accepting change, which is the next step, will be one of the first steps we take in order to manage it.


Acknowledge our fear


Fear of change can make us panic. That’s why we should be prepared for such an event and we should think about ways to deal with it.



Accept our feelings and seek out comrades


When we are going through difficult times, it’s natural to feel uncomfortable and to want to find solace “in the arms” of a friend. We ought to expect and accept our feelings so that we can share them with those around us. We should talk to colleagues, friends or even to members of our family.



 Time of worry


Worrying can affect our productivity, our mood and our morale. We shouldn’t allow the above to affect the way we feel; we should rather focus on our job or ask for a day off.



Remain positive


Our fear can affect us to such an extent as to deprive us of correct and sensible thinking. This is why we ought to think positively. We should recall how we reacted in previous difficult situations and what it was that gave us the strength to get back up on our feet.



Have realistic expectations


Thinking of ideal situations is not helpful. We become full of ourselves and any chances of recovery –from whatever changes come about– will be more difficult. That is why we should remain pragmatic.





If we are flexible and open to any situation which will follow change, we might benefit from it. We ought to approach changes from a different angle, keeping our eyes and ears open while exploring every possible chance we are given.



Reduce stress


Relax. Whenever we feel stressed, we must find the time and space to bolster ourselves. Feelings of tranquility and peace will improve the situation.



Writer: Akis Adamopoulos, 27/06/2013


Translator: Panayiota Vlahopoulou



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