“Believe in you”: The 2nd free seminar

Publication Date: April 19, 2013, 1:23 p.m.

“Believe in you”: Το 2ο δωρεάν σεμινάριο


The opportunity to tens readers to come closer to personal development issues gave flowmagazine.gr. The second free seminar organized by our electronic magazine entitled "Confidence-esteem" was successfully held Friday, April 12 at the Economic College of Athens (BCA). Under the concept "Believe in you", this seminar analyzing two issues that touch the modern man, tried to give some supplies on how we can improve our psychology. More specifically, helped attendees to separate the concepts of self-confidence and self-esteem are often confused and are closely interlinked.


The audience consisted of 60 lucky readers of all ages who reported timely participation. So enriched their knowledge of both theoretical and practical level around the concepts of self confidence and self esteem. Throughout the course of the seminar was grossly queries together which fueled ongoing dialogue between attendees and rapporteurs. Both Evi Razor (Personal Development Consultant) and the  Pamela Karava (Life & Wellness Coach) were willing to answer any question put to them while engaged in fun and puns attendees. Those who failed to attend were able to watch via live streaming on the website of flowmagazine.gr. Let's see what did contain the seminar ...



The term refers to the self image that the individual has the abilities and qualities, while determined by whether it believes that it can cope with the demands of the environment. The topics discussed at the seminar concerned the profile of people with lack of confidence and positive self-esteem while broke some myths around it. Given advice and exercises that can help to develop self-confidence, as well as activities that cultivate confidence.



On the other hand, self-esteem is the foundation of self-confidence. This is the correct estimate of ourselves, absolute knowledge of what we do and how we operate, the belief that we deserve. Therefore presupposes self-awareness. Self-esteem is to treat the person what gives him life with peace and knowledge that can manage. The lack of self transmitted from person to external environment and thereby to grasp around this shortcoming and to behave in such a way as to strengthen it further. Addition was received mentioning that talent, hard work and the circumstances that the individual builds, leading to success, which often characterizes people with confidence.


What can someone do so in order to gain a little more confidence and self esteem? Certain exercises proposed by the two rapporteurs are:


- Discover what you did and was successful in the past. The act of reflection on oldies builds courage and confidence.

- Start an activity that increases self-confidence. Such is dancing, singing, martial arts, sports, teams rhetoric, horse riding etc.

- Record the ways you show that you love yourself.

- Write 10 things for which you are grateful for during the last year.


Making small breaks of the interesting speeches of the two rapporteurs, we enjoyed hot coffee accompanied by a variety of chocolates (courtesy of Gusto Raro). In a gorgeous table strewn with rose petals taste innovative flavors in unlikely combinations. Chocolates with honey, whiskey, nuts, pineapple, even with bacon (!).


Can another seminar to come to an end, but the action "Believe in you" of flowmagazine.gr continues with the next scheduled on April 26, with the theme "Managing stress-time." Those interested register in time here .


See the seminar's material here.

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