Stubbornness, a great virtue

Publication Date: April 16, 2013, 2:27 p.m.

Το Πείσμα, μια μεγάλη αρετήYou feel that you put something objective, try to accomplish this goal but eventually give up? Sometimes, persistence and stubbornness can run for your life ... and make you more assertive and powerful volition. The persistence when it comes to stubbornness in the face of significant value is a good trait. The following tips will help you become stubborn ... and you get what you have in your mind!


Set goals for yourself ... and support them!

The setting of personal goals you is half the battle, because without them there is no success. Can you, or in front of a daily goal as it is to miss your chance to buy some essentials, or in front of a harder, such as a university degree. The point is to get "hooked" on your goal and do not let anyone change your mind, to influence you or deter you!


"Stick" on your feelings

The first step to becoming a 'positive' stubborn to move constantly by your emotions. Maybe you arrange with your friends to go to a meeting that will benefit your career and last time some might want to see the film. Stand on your feet and know your own desire, but of course, this does not mean that you have to drive things to extremes. For example, if others can do beg your back for specific reasons, please do so! However, do not neglect one important fact about yourself.


Το Πείσμα, μια μεγάλη αρετήFight for the "want" you, but be careful!

Can you fight for your dreams or desires, but to become masters of others! His stubbornness will benefit your life, if you use the right time and not for a lifetime. Perseverance is able to "open" the road to success and happiness, as long as it is annoying and challenging to others. Put in your mind that life is directed by the "give and take" and not through undue selfishness.


Judge according to the value of your desire

You may have put intended to raise money for a charity event or to support a better life for your children. Do not allow others to interfere in your life and guide you without any objection. Elevate your stature it, why not change your mind and stick to your desire ... after, of course, have settled that worth it though!


Be careful not to become too selfish

Many lose the value of "good" stubbornness and perseverance led to unnecessarily cause, away from other people around them. Your own way is not always right ... since the others have opinions, plans and desires. Try to keep a balance in your behavior, and use your stubbornness, when necessary, not to accept negative comments, even from people near you.


With great joy I expect the observations, comments and of course your questions for the above article.

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