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Publication Date: April 16, 2013, 1:47 p.m.

Περισσότερη θετική ματιά, λιγότερο άγχοςSee the glass as half full ... not half empty! Yet, positive thinking can improve even your health. Optimism is able to 'curb' your stress at work and to "open" the door to a new life. This does not mean that we close our eyes to the difficulties ... but that will experience a more pleasant prospect.


The benefits of positive thinking on health

Even scientists do not know exactly why positive thinking is good for health, but it is certain that the benefits! One theory states that the positive outlook of life calms the body in front of stress, especially if the person eats well, does not smoke and does not drink alcohol. However, they have found that people with positive thinking have the following benefits: increased longevity, lower rates of depression, less stress, strong resistance to cold, psychological and physical well-being and reduce the risk of death by heart.


Locate your negative thoughts

  • You think that often magnify the negative aspects of a situation and put aside positive? At that time, all the negativity permeates your body.
  • Many people, when something bad happens, blame themselves automatically. If you spoil a relationship ... not only means that you fault!
  • If one day start a little wrong, does not mean that the rest of the 24 hours will be bad.
  • You do not need to be in either the black and evil, either in white and good. There is a middle ground, gray.


Pay attention to your positive thinking

Change the attitude of your life and turn negative thoughts into positive ...! It may take some time and a lot of exercise, but the new habit will not disappoint you. Here are some ways to treat more optimistic.


Talk to yourself ... doing good!

There are few silent thoughts that go through your mind every day! If your thoughts are mostly positive, then the more likely you are to have less stress and misery in your life. Talk to yourself and convince him to see a more positive life.


Find what drives you to negativity

If you want to be more optimistic, identify those that make you think negative. In the beginning, focus on specific issues, such as work or your relationship, and then "open" the horizons of search.


Περισσότερη θετική ματιά, λιγότερο άγχοςDo a test yourself

In the daytime, just sit with yourself and see the negative thoughts you have in your mind. Try to find a way to convert them into positive!


Use your humor

Give yourself the opportunity to laugh, especially during difficult periods. Join funny site and join optimistic events. Besides, humor reduces stress and unhappiness.


Follow a healthy lifestyle

Exercise at least three times a week can positively affect your mood and reduce stress. Combine that with a healthy diet and you will notice big differences in your mood.


Mingle with positive people ...

Make sure you have positive people around you ... rather miserable and gloomy! Their advice will be able to fill you with optimism and beautiful ideas without increasing the levels of your stress ...


With great joy I expect the observations, comments and of course your questions for the above article.

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