How to effectively express our feelings

Publication Date: April 16, 2013, 3:33 p.m.

Πώς εκφράζουμε αποτελεσματικά τα συναισθήματα μαςEven if you are trapped, frustrated or upset, express yourself freely in your own way! Can afraid of conflict with people close to you or rejected and can not admit that you are dominated by jealousy, anger or anxiety. Many "swallow" their emotions, by clicking on the low self-esteem and ego, while some have a requirement for others to guess their emotions ... ! Most of them led to the phenomenon of "ostrich" ... ie bury your head in the sand rather than face a problem in their relationship! The following tips will facilitate the release of your emotions and their expression ...


Think what you feel ... without equivocation!

When you specify exactly what you feel in one or two words, then you will leave behind ambiguities and have greater ease in expressing your thoughts. Be careful because many entangled feelings, that after a difficult period you think feel angry when in fact feel pain. Next step is to understand the level of your emotions, ie if deep down you're upset or very slightly irritated.


Name the occasion of your emotions

Identify the reason and the reason behind your feelings. Did you recently divorced or have been dismissed from your job? Once you identify the extent to which they affect your life, then you will be able to see a little more objectively to an event and reduce the chances of misunderstandings. See what things bother you in a relationship and try to focus on them, in order to express the right words and phrases.


Express yourself through writing or drawing

No need to become a Shakespeare, but you can express yourself through writing a poem, a short story or a letter describing your feelings. At the same time, you can draw, but not stick to some standard images. Draw a plan that is only in your mind, even if it is abstract. Do not forget that art is an expression of yourself!


Πώς εκφράζουμε αποτελεσματικά τα συναισθήματα μαςExpress your anger ... through the workout!

Especially if you are angry, the best solution is physical exercise that will release the repressed emotions. Choose a physical activity that does not harm yourself or someone else and express your anger through strength. For example, baseball, kickboxing, running and tennis are among the sports that can "clean" your mind, even temporarily!


Tell your man one

Find someone you can trust your feelings. If you are not able to discuss ... write them a letter or an email. Be sure that you will immediately feel lighter mentally and you will be able to listen to an advice. If you have a trusted friend or relative, talk to a counselor or psychologist to help you overcome the difficulty in communication.


Laugh or cry to "heal"

The crying can actually heal a wound, since it is one way of expressing grief. If you are from those who do not cry easily, try to see a sad movie, allowing yourself to indulge in feelings. The same happens with laughter ... so laugh without reservation! After this outburst will feel much better and have gone a step toward the expression of your feelings.


 Describe your feelings ... through techniques!

  • Express your feelings in an analytical way, and not tossing hidden meanings!
  • Try to explain your problem exactly and the reason of ... but putting ultimatums.
  • Express yourself honestly and remember that self-esteem plays an important role in how we act.
  • Refer to your difficult feelings in a way that minimizes the need for another defensive position.
  • Do not be judgmental and say exactly what you want done. Try your way ... to put another in your place!


With great joy I expect the observations, comments and of course your questions for the above article.

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