How to be more organized

Publication Date: April 16, 2013, 2:02 p.m.

Πώς θα γίνουμε πιο οργανωτικοί

What with today's anxiety and tight schedule... 24 hours seem not enough to meet the needs of your daily life! It is easy to keep out of organizing or scheduling and wander between work, family and personal desires. However, if you become a little more organized, you will realize that one day is far enough to achieve not only success but also happiness. The following advice will help you find the way towards organizing your life.

Organize your office or home.

It is true that the home or office environment may affect your way of living and thinking. Spend some hours during the week to clear your space of anything useless, such as old decorations, clothing or garbage. If you put your keys in the same place every day or if you always have your clothes arranged in the closet... you can save plenty of time!

Manage your time by setting up appointments.

Use the cell phone calendar or reminder to schedule your daily appointments, either professional or medical. Make a list with your obligations on an Excel sheet, which you should update every day or week. This is how you will be able to keep a schedule and become more organized.

Turn your important duties into... a habit!

When you carry out some tasks every day, they become a habit. If you repeat the same things, such as making breakfast, checking your e-mails, going to the super-market, then you will definitely have a lot of hours to spare. The daily organization will make you even reach your long-term goals.

Stop making excuses.

Instead of constantly making excuses to yourself or other people... try to get organized and start afresh. Stop putting the blame on the fact that a day didn't begin well, and take your responsibilities. If you don't have a schedule in your life, at least a subconscious one, then nothing can be finished within a day.

Discipline whatever distracts your attention.

Cell phones, television and computers can distract you in just a few seconds. Keep anything distracting away from you and try to concentrate. After all, nobody said that organizing is a piece of cake...

Look realistically at your expectations.

If you try, for instance, to decorate the whole house in one day... you will not make it! However, if you decide to decorate one room at a time, then you will make time to do other things. It is important to judge and deal with your expectations in a practical way.

Receive help and service from other people.

If you can't make time within a day, ask a cleaning service or a person, for example, to do the laundry or the ironing for you. Especially if you hate doing the household or office chores, you may ask for professional help, so as you spare a few moments for pleasure and inspiration.

Reward yourself.

Once you have finished a piece of work that needs organizing... reward yourself! Whenever there is a return at the end of a task, this becomes much easier. Besides, if you have initially rejected some of your desires, then you can spend the last day of chores on shopping or entertaining.

I am gladly looking forward to your remarks, your comments and, of course, your questions about this article.

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