10 tricks to 'turn' a bad day

Publication Date: April 16, 2013, 4:03 p.m.

10 τρικ για να «γυρίσετε» μια κακή μέραNot adversely affected by "Bad day in the morning seems!" You start in the day to receive a hitch ... but it's up to you to change your mood through psychological tricks. Besides, who can argue that this day can not come up as the best of your life? The following "trick" can help you convert a bad breakfast at an amazing afternoon.


Believe that the wheel of fortune ... turns!

Do you move through prejudice. In your hand is to change your luck, since no one can judge the future based on the past. Do anthypovalleste with thoughts such my family will get something wrong, not because I saw them all today. You can guide your luck, just get the "reins" of life in your hands.


Try new things as time goes by

New experiences during the day can do wonders. Even the discovery of new flavors and different senses can relieve you from the negative mood. Talk to the new world, read a novel that had not recapture your hands or hear optimistic songs of the last days. You can also try meditation for 10 to 20 minutes a day, to fill with peace and hope.


Enjoy the sun and fresh air

Take a break from work and stand next to a bright window. Enjoy the rays of the sun and sip a cup of coffee to strengthen your body and fill power. Meanwhile, the sun will increase the level of vitamin D in the body, which increases your good mood. If you have time take a stroll in the square and you will be surprised at how relieved you will feel.


Think of the positive aspects of your life

Vythysteite to thoughts of the proud accomplishments, for the last five years. Can marry your other half or got promotion at work. Acknowledging your progress will automatically feel a sense of satisfaction and you can encounter any hitch with faith in you.


Avoid the "depressed" people

Remember that optimism is contagious, just like the misery! When you have to you a good friend or partner able to fill with hope and overcome any ugly incident of the day. Constructive options serve as an example for others ... as a chain of joy and happiness!


Put pictures on the fridge

More than 10 times a day head for the fridge in the house. A new research shows that the happiest people have placed with magnet on the fridge or various family pareistikes followed by memories. You just have to try it!


10 τρικ για να «γυρίσετε» μια κακή μέραThink of a ridiculous story

Consider one obnoxious man and create a silly character in your head. Imagine you are in a story, an outrageous comic, which comes the destruction! Immediately, you'll notice that it has formed a smile on your lips. At the end imagine yourself as the protagonist and "embrace" what causes optimism in history.


Mark your calendar

Get your hands on a diary and describe any positive activity of the day. Can you went a weekend or attend an outdoor concert. You will see that when you get used to this process, we expect that, and how to write it on your calendar and you will feel happy.


Turn a negative into a positive

Make a list of five to ten things that went wrong today and read aloud. Generally, when you listen to the problems that concern you ... treat them more calmly and see how small it may be in reality. Do you see everything as black or white because there are gray areas!


Reduce stress through small technical

Every time you catch yourself behaving in negativity, stop him! To reduce anxiety recognize the habits you anxious and try to reduce them in the day. So, you will work effectively on this issue and will manage to eliminate stress, seeing life with more optimism.


With great joy I expect the observations, comments and of course your questions for the above article.

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