"Live your dream"

Publication Date: April 12, 2013, 1:29 p.m.

“Ζήσε το όνειρό σου”Which suited man could motivate us to pursue our dream? But of course the man who turned the world on his bike! 46,000 miles, 4 years of his life, and unique experiences ... images of our planet. All of these are concentrated in the book "Live your dream" versions binoculars, comes to remind us that our dreams hide in a "drawer" and finally take the decision to implement.


The author Alastair Humphreys, a perfectly ordinary man as he decided one day to give up everything and travel the world as dreamed. On the saddle of his bike with minimal supplies. And when he did, and returned unscathed, against all predictions, he decided to share his experience with the world.


His message is simple. Life is too short to be throwing away. If you live the life that you are not satisfied, if other dreamed of and others do, maybe it's time to change it. There's always time, even for radical changes. Outstanding achievements did not manage special people. Any man can achieve a unique achievement, it is sufficient courage, willpower and courage to chase - till you drop!


The book is really special to be able to clearly classified into a category. It is definitely a self-help book, and even of the best kind! The author himself is an inspiration in itself and has a working knowledge of how we can help ourselves, under difficult conditions. As a result of experience gained ten lessons of life, which we broadcast.


And why only 10? Simply because we live only once, and the time passes quickly. We can not spend much time on theories about how to live. It is far better to live it!


Apart from self-help book could be considered travel. It is full of magical images of incredible places on our planet, which had the good fortune to see the writer's eyes and to photograph.


Apart from photos of landscapes, people and monuments have much the same in action. Pedaling in various ways, lying beside the bike to contemplate life .... pushing the bike through the desert. Most impressive, however, is a photo from Siberia, depicting with Alastair stuck in snow whiskers, looking flushed the lens. A beautiful memory of the worst and probably the most beneficial part of the journey-the three months he fought to cross Siberia by bike, risking its survival.


“Ζήσε το όνειρό σου”Those who think "oh well what it has to teach me me this man?" Or "I could never do that", think again. He says he was never particularly fit and otherwise always lived a conventional life. The only thing that differentiates them from the rest of us is that simply dared. He made his way to the top and not allow himself to never give up. Until finally fulfill his goal. So he did.


Reminiscent little Forrest Gump who simply started to run. And because they "never stopped", he managed to learn up to the president of America! The difference with the Forrest Gump is that here we are talking about a true story. A man like all of us, won the honorary title of "biggest browser in our century", because they decided to chase his dream.


Now it's our turn to dare.


With great joy I expect the observations, comments and of course your questions for the above article.

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