Books on Positive Thinking (I)

Publication Date: April 12, 2013, 2:02 p.m.

Βιβλία για θετική σκέψη (I)Books in that category "digestible" psychology and other scientific books purely for discerning readers. From whatever starting only benefit you will see in your life!


Positive thinking-Publishing Dioptra

A book guide for the cultivation of positive thinking. Aimed literally around the world and covers every conceivable difficult situation or psychological problem facing anyone. Men-women, of all ages will discover through easy to follow exercises and how to solve technical problems that make it difficult everyday. See, for instance, issues the book covers:

  • I worry for my children
  • Often suffer from headaches or backaches
  • Myself feel unhappy
  • Experiencing sexual problems since I started to feel so stressed
  • I find it hard to tell others what I want.


What the beep do we know?-Orpheus Publications

Original title of the book «What the bleep do we know?". Based on the book and movie of the same name in which Marlee Matlin won the Academy Award for Actress in the film "Children of a lesser God."

It is a book that deserves to have everyone in our library. I certainly do not characterize digestible because it is based on quantum physics. Through the stories of researchers and scientists exploring the possibilities of the human mind. The book essentially extends the limits of our scientific knowledge about consciousness, perception, body chemistry and brain structure.

What is the usefulness for all of us? Consider for awhile!

If you discover that your thinking can change the nature of reality, what impact would that have on your life? Will continues to do the same job? Can do the same errands? Take the same thoughts and feel the same in daily management ? For think again!


The secret message of water-Publishing Esoptron

Dr.. Massari Emoto in his book "The Secret Message of Water" featuring amazing photographs of frozen water crystals, after having received unnatural stimuli.

The Emoto began to make water-heard music from Beethoven to heavy metal-and photographed the results. When he saw that the music obviously affect the water crystals, went one step further. Investigate what about thoughts. Put labels on bottles of water with expressions of human emotions and ideas. Some were positive, such as "thank you" and "love" and others were negative as the label that read "You make me loathe, I'll kill you." In contrast to the prevailing experience and knowledge of science by then, the water reacted to these expressions of consciousness. The water gave negative messages ugly and deformed crystals.

The reaction for this discovery of Dr.. Emoto was global. Among the books, the movie «What the bleep do we know?» And countless trips around the world for lectures and seminars, there was a huge demand for more information on the experiments.

Since our body consists of 70% to 90% water, and that the planet's surface is mostly water, we realize that what unites all humanity-in effect throughout the life-is water. So what impact have the results of his inquiries Emoto in our own lives?

In response to the question, consider only this: "If thoughts can do these things in the water, imagine what they can do to us."


We are what we think-Kastaniotis

A pocket-sized book to accompany you wherever you go. This book talks about power. He talks about the ways that will help you control your life and create the life you always wanted.

Propose fast and efficient techniques to address and resolve health problems, financial difficulties and other life challenges.

The American author Barbara Berger has written a total of 10 self-improvement books. In this book shows how to harness the power of the mind and create the life you want. Her message, simple and clear, is summarized in the following words:

"We are what we think. We become what we think. Our life is what you envision. Our life is what you decide. We can change our lives by changing our thoughts. "


The magic of thinking-ambitious Klidarithmos

The book «The magic of thinking big" first published in 1959 by Prentice Hall. Since then it has improved the lives of millions of people around the world. In Greece circulating since 1999, published by Prentice Hall.

The Dr.David J.Schwartz, one of the most distinguished experts in the field of motivation, will help you make more sales, better run your business, make more money, and-most importantly-to get more happiness and mental serenity.

In each chapter of this book will find dozens of immediately applicable, practical ideas, techniques and principles that will enable you to leverage the tremendous power of ambitious thinking to get success, happiness and satisfaction as you want. Each technical documents with a documented true story something out of life.

Ideal book for all the skeptics who do not believe that positive thinking can bring positive results in our lives. But what do we mean positive thinking? In what situations and problems in our lives helps? How is it applied? These and other questions will be answered through this book.


With great joy I expect the observations, comments and of course your questions for the above article.

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