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Publication Date: April 12, 2013, 1:56 p.m.

Βιβλία - έμπνευση για να εκπληρώσετε τα όνειρα σαςIn all ages there have been bright people who achieved enviable feats, despite the adverse conditions they faced. In spite of "blackness" that circulates around us, we now believe that they are born brilliant opportunity to meet new people their dreams. The incredible possibilities offered by new technologies for communication and information exchange have annihilate distances and make possible the collaboration of people from different continents to create and implement new ideas.

But because not enough inspiration, but needs and knowledge, it is good before you start your own "journey" to find what you are missing. Doing market research discovered a plethora of books that will not only light the spark of hope within us, but also give practical advice on how to overcome the obstacles that will come your way. Explore, choose and do not let anyone stop you from fulfilling your dreams. And do not forget ...

"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going over it with the impossible." - Arthur C. Clarke


Begin! Life is waiting - Publishing Dioptra

Lynn Grabhorn

The thoughts and feelings shape our lives. Is there a way to have a wonderful relationship and without problems in our bank account is always full, to find a good job when we want to have a beautiful body, all without having to beat our heads against the wall; And if thus, it is possible to realize all our dreams here and now, not in the distant and unknown future? With her book "begins! LIFE IS WAITING "The Lynn Grabhorn answers with a loud, YES, our question by showing us how what we do all day quite unconsciously, in essence is what creates and shapes every moment of our lives.


The wonders are angry when you do not believe - Publishing Govostis

Maria Lampadaridou - Pothou

Stories and stories and personal deposits compose the volume Miracles angry when you do not believe me. Texts connects the miracle. The miracle that can move the dark. To make possible the impossible. Real the unreal. When the unfair excess. When uncertainty is defeat. When the absurd dominates our lives.

Written by Christmas in Christmas, days that lay the miracle inside them a mark of light from the Sun of Justice. Or ask this when I wrote. Believe in the miracle means to free your soul. Or else, believed in the impossible! It's like you cause the miracle.


How to achieve - Publishing Makris

Anthony Pissanos

Every human being has limitless capabilities for progress, but still no one has completed its purpose. What you have done so far is only the first step of that which you do. No need, however, to despair because you do not fulfill your wishes. There is always time to progress and emerged without sit and grumble about your bad luck. The same opportunities to everyone, and are presented to you. The question is how to make. Do what you can do for yourself, and for the opportunities presented. No matter how difficult the circumstances, with perseverance and skill will find a way to use them to climb the ladder of success.


The magic of ambitious thinking - Prentice Hall


To reach the success and satisfaction, you do not need to be geniuses or have innate talent - but you must learn to their way of thinking and behavior that will lead you there. This book teaches you the secrets of this!


The manual for success - Publishing Makris

Theodore Karambelas

The first and biggest lesson is that life is a game, the second that they realized that they have achieved in their minds was a huge force that nurtured it and used it and the third that you can achieve anything you want and not against the laws of God and man, as long as you want it too and be willing to pay a price.


You - Publishing Makris

Anthony Pissanos

This book is a true gospel. Two pages if you read this, will vindicate this opinion, because every page from beginning to end, the writer thunders: Do not flinch before any obstacle in your life, do not put off anything, do not believe in Fate and destiny, but only your will, in your thinking, in your mental powers, which are vast and inexhaustible, enough to draw from the depths of your subconscious, where slumber while not in use.


Aim for the gold - Prentice Hall

John C. Maxwell

The world-renowned expert in leadership issues John Maxwell returns again to help you increase your leadership skills to the fullest. Put the gold target offers small daily leadership lessons from the many books written by Dr. Maxwell on leadership and personal development. The book is divided into twenty six weekly lessons, with a special area at the end of each chapter to keep notes on your personal journey to leadership. These lessons will help to accelerate the development of your leadership skills through the wisdom and proven practices of John Maxwell.

Among other things:

  • will learn how to increase your influence and how to transmit your vision.
  • will be initiated in the training of five steps and the importance of collaboration with other people.
  • will learn how to overcome adversity and you have to run a team.
  • will learn how to use appropriate setbacks to reach the top.


The key to the Law of Attraction - Publishing Dioptra

Jack Canfield

The journey begins here and now. Everything you want around you and expect you to find. Everything you want you and them, but we must act to acquire them. The universe wants to see you succeed. The key to the Law of Attraction tells you everything you need to know and do in order to attract what you want into your life. You can change your life, enhance your self and realize your goals in order to create an amazing future - a future full of love, joy and abundance. This book is your key.


Marathon Dreams - Publishing Ankara

Verouli Anna - Nikos Michalopoulos

This year one of the most important races in the world will take place in Athens on October 31 to mark the completion of 2500 years since the Battle of Marathon and is none other than the International Athens Marathon. The Marathon and even the classic route is not just a race. There are so many things together, from a symbolic perspective to racing, which could and deserved to be treated as an event, which honors not only our country but the entire world. It is mainly a social event that allows everyone to reach their dreams. The "Marathon Dreams" is a text that wants to touch one side of the struggle through the eyes and soul of a teenager, who sees this as a test of his own opportunity to make others watch him through a purely peaceful but both explosive process and ultimately helps him to know himself and his needs, concerns and dreams, how can anyone feel closer to him, but while away the unexplainable. Why the Marathon is primarily mileage and conquest, but the dream and its approach - and that can make any "athlete's life."


Overcome your fears - Publishing Psihoyos

S. Srinivasan Play

All of us experience some degree of fear in the major decisions of our life, whether it be the wedding are preparing to do, whether it's our new job. But what about the quieter, unseen fears that influence our daily choices and perhaps bring problems in our relationships? Fear of intimacy, love, change, failure, rejection may be the hidden causes that sabotage their lives our. In the book you hold in your hands, the author, who is a psychotherapist and clinical psychologist, uses the latest findings of research in psychology and neuroscience to show us that the greatest obstacle to happiness is fear. And it emphasizes that it is not just the fear that brings stress and anxiety, but the fear of fear. The recognition and understanding of our fears is the first step to overcoming them. The Pilei based on scientific research and clinical dekaochtachroni and psychotherapeutic experience to analyze common problems such as fear of success, financial, interpersonal and sexual relationships, childhood traumas and prejudices biology and the science of positive thinking . With the proposed exercises, shows us how we can overcome our fears, to connect thought with our emotions and find the happiness we deserve and crave.


Pages success - Ideas for a better life - Publishing Minos

Pantelis Smaroula

Pages on success will find ideas to approach success without damage and losses! Use these small texts as a source of inspiration for you, your loved ones, your colleagues, but for whatever you want to encourage. Enjoy and share your success! It's good!


Think like a Winner - Publishing Alkyon

Dr. Walter Doyle Staples

"Leaders are those who nurture a vision of perfection and who have acquired the necessary skills to enable them to help themselves and others v 'realize their full potential. Applying these principles in the book, take a step in this direction. "


The Keys to Success - Publishing Alkyon

Napoleon Hill

Anyone seeking personal and financial improvement, this enlightening guide you will find valuable mental exercises, techniques autoanalysis, strong encouragement and clear advice.


Goals! - Publishing Alkyon

Brian Tracy

Why do some people achieve all their goals while others simply dream of a better life? The author of global best-seller, Brian Tracy, shows you how to get from frustration to fulfillment. Hundreds of thousands or millions of people started with nothing and achieved amazing things in their lives. The Tracy presents the essential principles that need to know to make your dreams a reality. In this book, Tracy gives a simple but effective system to place and help you achieve goals, a method which has been used by over one million people to achieve impressive achievements. Using the 21 strategies described by Tracy, you can achieve any goal you put as great it is. You will discover how to identify your skills, your the real values ​​in life, and what you really want to accomplish in the next year. And most importantly, you will learn a system to achieve goals that you can apply throughout the rest of your life.


The key is to embrace the Universe - Publishing Livani

Collective work

Become wiser, become magicians yourself! The key to happiness starts from the knowledge of ourselves. If we can do our best too, then all our dreams will become meaningless: small dreams and daily grand dreams, dreams and dreams crazy realistic dreams unfulfilled and dreams when they were actually disappointed us, dreams come true completely random, and others that took hard work to materialize our dreams, dreams we shared with others, dreams that gave meaning and order in our lives, dreams remained dreams and became an alibi for our misery. It is certain that no man on earth who does not dreamed something, sometime.


The power - Publishing Livani

Ronda Bern

This is the manual for the maximum force in the universe - the power to get everything you want. Without the Force, it would have been born. Without the Force, there would be neither a human being on the planet. Every discovery, every invention, and human creation comes from The Force. The excellent health, harmonious relationships, a career that satisfies you, a life full of happiness, financial comfort you need to be, do and have what you crave, everything from the Force. The life of your dreams has always been more accessible than it you realized, because The Power to have everything good in your life is within you!


With great joy I expect the observations, comments and of course your questions for the above article.

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