Can I become creative?

Publication Date: April 11, 2013, 7:26 a.m.

Μπορώ και εγώ να γίνω δημιουργικός;

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Are leaders born or made?

Nature vs nurture: which determines our personality more?

Can an artist without talent become better through a lot of practice?


These are classic, rhetorical and clichéd questions that divide people and cause serious disputes. Many things have been said or written from simplistic, careless and funny remarks to thorough and scientific analyses. Nevertheless, they all have something in common: they are based on black-and-white answers, which actually are extremely limited. In real life and in anything the human factor is involved — which is totally unpredictable — between black and white there are a thousand levels of shades…?


Similarly, the concept of creativity is divisive, since it is closely connected with the concept of talent. For some reason, it has come to be considered that creativity is a hallmark of artists, as if there is some law according to which they are its rightful owners.


Do you really think that it might be like that?


Let us find the answer through observation. Firstly, whenever someone observes anything in nature, they encounter creativity in all its glory: brilliantly colored flowers; pebbles of every size, shape and rock type; seas that change shades depending on their depth …


Then, in daily life we encounter creativity in: cooking, buildings, house gardens, store signs, street billboards, haircuts and hairstyles, teaching methods, means of transportation, technology, medicine…


Our belief is that creativity belongs to no one. Anyone can have it; anyone can foster it as much as they want without limits; anyone can make the most of it for any purpose that will satisfy their needs.


But what is creativity?


"It is the capacity to create". (Tegopoulos-Phytrakis Greek Dictionary, Athens, 1993)


An alternative definition could be that "creativity is the conception and the implementation of original ideas". According to this definition, creating requires inspiration.


But inspiration does not come from nowhere. No one can always be locked up in a room waiting for inspiration to come.

In order to get inspired, they must receive stimuli from the environment. These stimuli can be derived from many sources.

There is a list with some practical advice quoted further down, which anyone can follow to receive the stimuli that will help them foster their creative thinking.

  • Read anything comes to hand, such as poetry, magazines, newspapers, school notice boards, brochures, the Yellow Pages.

"The reason is that you can draw wonderful ideas from other people's work".

  • Listen, ask and generally talk to anyone you meet, like young children playing on streets, old people in cafés, public-sector employees, friends, acquaintances.

 "By discussing with all kinds of people, the mind opens, as it is injected with the different thinking and knowledge of all the others".Μπορώ και εγώ να γίνω δημιουργικός;

  • Do sports and activities, have hobbies
  • Travel
  • Try new things
  • Savor new tastes
  • Dance

"The human body moves in countless ways. If you let it free at its own pace and you encourage its flexibility, you simultaneously foster creative thinking by realizing its limitless potential.

  • Listen to a lot of music and its different kinds.
  • Go to concerts, theater and cinema.
  • Play with children.
  • Meet new people.
  • Be regularly close to nature.
  • Make love.


"How many ways are there to make love?


Infinite! From their first sexual intercourse to their ripe old age, people make love in a different way. They change, develop, learn, discover...

If they make love with different partners, this happens by default. But, even if they always make love with the same partner, one life is not enough to discover all the possible ways.

No matter if they say that marriage kills love.

The lack of imagination and willingness for discovery kill love as well as the lack of creative thinking".


But how can all these foster creativity? Quite simply!


When the human brain gets filled with images, memories and knowledge, then thinking expands. The bigger the stock of experiences is, the more and faster the associations are triggered. For example, when someone wants to come up with a creative idea, in order to solve a problem, it is easier to form an idea based on something they have seen, heard or experienced than on nothing.

Narrow-mindedness leads to narrow thinking.

Open-mindedness, on the contrary, is unlimited, concerning what it can create.

All works of art, technological achievements, new medicine, and so on have been created by open-minded people.


Finally, the answer to the philosophical inquiry "Can I become creative too?" is yes.

Clearly and definitely yes!

You can become creative as much as you like or a much as you allow yourselves to become. Even if you follow all these suggestions but you do not become creative, at least you will have enjoyed a life full of pleasure.


What is it more creative than this?

I am gladly looking forward to your remarks, your comments and, of course, your questions about this article.

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