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Publication Date: April 11, 2013, 2:20 p.m.

Και μετά τι;And then what?

There are so many great minds around us that dedicate all of their energy and gray cells just to find out the reasons for which an innovative idea may fail.

Big deal! That’s the easy part. Anyone, anytime, can think of the dangers and the possibility of an upcoming failure so that would stop him from making his dream come true.

Maybe you are already familiar with that kind of situation. On a daily basis, we come by people who give advise in an attempt to discourage us from doing anything (a new business, a new relationship, an adventurous trip, a crazy invention) just because we may fail and then “we will suffer that”, “this and the other” (endless is the list of arguments about danger)!

Is this the rule?

Take a look at this in practice…experiment to see it by yourself. Think of a crazy idea, something that comes out of your heart but you hesitate to tell it to your friends or your relatives and pay attention to their answers.

What will happen next? Most of them will try to discourage you, listing all of the possible implementation difficulties –as a warning- or, in a better case- they will stay out of it! It looks like it is impossible that someone will be so excited that he will be positive in spending time and energy discussing with you the ways that it can be implemented.

Those that will try to discourage me, are they just being nasty? Do they envy me and they don’t want to watch me succeeding in my life? something that you might rationally ask.

“Of course not”, is the answer. Most of them are acting in a good will, trying to protect you, scared of the fact that you may be hurt.

And you can’t blame them, cause they are just bringing out their true beliefs. They are acting exactly in the same way when it comes to them. They focus on the negative side of their own innovating ideas too, so that they end up abandoning them in an effort to protect themselves.

Implementing this kind of tactics for themselves, how is it possible that they won’t do the same thing with you? Every each one of us, even unintentionally, tend to strongly support our ideas and our beliefs, possibly cause of the self respect.

If you don’t support your own ideas, it is like you doubt yourself.

Why is this happening?

Do you find it unbelievable that people tend to focus on the reasons that one idea may fail rather than the possibilities of it succeeding?

What if they do really feel afraid of success?

In fact, the possibility of success may create a sense of fear. Success creates responsibilities. It creates expectations, suspense for “And then what”.

One thought keeps prowling in our mind.

“Ok, I succeeded. And then what? What should I do now? Should I feel happy? And then?”

(There is a tv commercial concerning a bank loan, where a sweet little girl interprets beautifully the phrase “And then what?”

Of course, there is a big difference between the commercial message and the thoughts that keep prowling in our mind. But the thing that I observed, is the explicit talent that kids have in bringing out there thoughts. Simply and raw. These are thoughts that also adults used to do but they never dare to express in public. Fine, you will give us a loan. And then what?)

The same thing happens here. Fear about the “And then…” of success.

The opposite scenario.

Let’s examine now the other scenario, the one of failure.

No fear!

In a double role, YOU are the one who has the idea and you express it, you are the one who does the devil’s lawyer listening to it, you rehearse the dialogue for the facts that may cause failure.

- Does it worth it? And what if I fail?

- Ahh, maybe I should resign. It doesn’t worth it.

- It’s better to be sure.

What is the result?

You abandon your idea in clean consciousness, because you believe that you protected yourself from danger!

Did I lose something that I used to own? It was just a thought that now is gone.

Or whatever, I will get over it.

Doesn’t this ring a bell or what? Personally, I keep listening to the same stuff every day. And if I don’t here this, I know that these are there inner thoughts, remaining idly, permanently in the same condition, that makes them sad, without daring to make a change.

On the other hand, if you believe in success that is when the difficulties are waiting for you at the next corner.

Then, you should fight to make your dream come true.

Fight with yourself and your weaknesses,

Fight to overpass the obstacles that you may come by,

Fight to stand up on your feet and keep on trying,

Fight to keep your faith till you manage to implement your goal.

Και μετά τι;Goal or own goal?

Einstein said that “it’ the ultimate madness to expect different results when you keep doing the same things”

Do you know what this brings to my mind? Do you watch football?

Which is the most unlucky moment of a team?

I suppose that the most funny-tragic moment for a player is when his team receives an own goal.

And what if he did it himself? That’s the ultimate moment of pride.

I believe that through sports we can express meanings of real life that are difficult to be interpreted.

There may not be so many own goals in football, but in real life we “score” lots of them on a daily basis.

When someone persuades himself that if he dares to make his dream come true he will fail, it’s like scoring an own goal.

What’s the result? Defeat. He was defeated by himself.

Own goal!

Believe in your idea

If we study the success stories of famous people, (inventors, scientists, businessmen, politicians, leaders) you will see that they all hide a common point. They were all people who had an innovative idea, They believed in it with their whole soul and they dedicated energy, mind and resources to make it come true. And they succeeded.

That’s the reason that you should never give up your ideas. If you have an idea that keeps triggering your mind, you have to think about it twice. Research, weigh your chances, and above all look inside you to find out if you really believe in it.

If this applies, then you will find the way to implement your idea. The three basic requirements of implementing an idea are: faith, patience and persistence. You have to truly believe that your idea deserves to be implemented and that you will succeed no matter what.

And remember:

“People make way for the man who knows where he is going.”

David S. Jordan


With great joy I expect the observations, comments and of course your questions for the above article.

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