10 tips for harmonious interpersonal relationships

Publication Date: April 11, 2013, 2:35 p.m.

10 συμβουλές για αρμoνικές διαπροσωπικές σχέσεις1. Smile! Every day, every moment of the day do not forget to smile to those around you. A warm smile always "open doors" and makes you dear.


2. To spend time with others. Take your friends phone, you hope at parties and birthdays, to look interesting to listen to a problem, you can help your colleagues. Do not play ... so busy and can not find time to express with such simple but very important moves your interest. Remember that if you can not find time for someone to show him that it is important, he would not have found for you when you need it!


3. Respect the time of the people around you. Always be consistent in your appointment if you want to be taken seriously. Remember that everyone has the most enjoyable things to do than wait for you stranded at one point, because I'm late to your appointment. This applies even if the appointment is in another house or office, because again he who commits the waiting time for you.


4. Do not start making excuses when you're wrong. Please ask politely apologize if ftaixate, and take care of the same day to make up for your mistake, of course, pledge that does not happen again. It is better to make different mistakes every time, despite the same mistake thousands of times.


5. Accept criticism, wherever it comes from. Never defense, not attack, and especially not blamed others. Remember that when someone expresses his complaint or exercising your criticism, actually offers a unique opportunity for self-discovery and self-improvement. Even if the person who exercises is malicious to you, may the words of truth hiding. Look for an open mind.


6. Do not complain, do not nag and complain! Know that whenever you do any of the above "slurping" the positive energy of the people who hear you and become obnoxious. If you do indeed systematically from one point and then you will avoid, even subconsciously. Nobody prefers to live mesh to murmur, but to enjoy the laughter and joy.


7. Always keep your word! Do you say what you mean and mean what you say! If you create a reputation of inconsistent or unreliable, you should know that this "stigma" will not walk away with nothing above you. Can you have too many qualifications, but if one can not trust you, there is no basis to build relationships with them.


10 συμβουλές για αρμoνικές διαπροσωπικές σχέσεις8. Always have a good reason to tell. Besides you become like him-and this helps both personally and professionally-also positively affect the mood of those around you. May your good conversation to give power to someone right now that needs must be able to remember and gives them joy for a long time afterwards.


9. Be sparing in criticism. To criticize only when necessary to improve the relationship and when hot. If you quarrel with someone and uttering harsh words, know that it will hurt and you can save it for a lifetime. Do you not know that the words, the moment you say, nothing we can not get them back. Even if the apology can not erase at once to the effect of the bad word in our psychology and possibly irreparably harm our relationship with him.


10. Keep an open mind and respect the opinions of others. Every disagreement with someone is an excellent opportunity to gain experience and become better people. You show genuine interest to listen to a different view of whatever comes. If you truly seem "useless" consulted, leaving politely debate without showing your displeasure. Do not engage in a war of words for no reason. Not Zionism disagree with someone just to prove that you are right. There is nothing more futile than that. Everyone feels inside that he is right when he defends his views, seeing the world through their own filter. Everyone can have his opinion, and respected. So do not disagree. Above all, do not resort to insulting comments. Phrases such as "You're stupid!" - "Oh well, completely crazy?" Or even more neutral comments like "Come Again" - "I told you before, I do not understand," to know that only reduce this who uses them and make it look "cheap". If you can not with arguments to support your opinion, best to leave politely.

Not worth a disagreement to lose any respect!


With great joy I expect the observations, comments and of course your questions for the above article.

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