10 ways to always feel good

Publication Date: April 10, 2013, 4:10 p.m.

10 τρόποι για να νιώθετε πάντα καλά1) Number one secret: Optimism.

The ideal is to be "naturally and deliberately" optimistic. This provides you a life filled with joy, regardless of situations, because you're in full. But if it is not in your nature, and again you can arm yourself with optimism.

As Monty Paithons say "you always see the positive side of life." Besides, there is no objective reality. Everyone perceives the world subjectively, according to its own filter. It is then up to you whether you have a positive or negative filter. By analogy, we could say that the filter of perception, all of which by definition we are like to wear constantly in our face veil, that through him we see the world. So what would you choose? A white veil like the one worn by brides, or a black like that worn by widows?

2) the first sibling: Smile

Beautify your smile, sweetens your face and makes you automatically feel better. It is impossible for someone to smile at the same time feeling miserable. It's true, try it. It's as impossible as it is that one can not lick his elbow.

3) Keep your body upright

A very simple trick to feel better is to keep your body upright and straight, like a candle or walking, or sitting. The jaunty walk and stance gives men and women manliness thanks. Even if you feel bad, do not let your body betray you kampouriazontas. "The happy people keep their body upright, the unhappy stoop."

What can you do? Take a deep breath, lift your hands up and download throwing back their shoulders. This will automatically straighten your body and make you feel better. And do not forget: the well-known symbol of beauty, Quasimodo, hunchback was!

4) to control your thoughts

The emotions generated by thoughts. So every emotion you feel is due to you thinking at that moment in your mind. It is impossible to feel jealousy if you do not thoughts of jealousy. It is impossible to feel stress if you do negative thoughts such as "will fail", "I will lose my job," "I will not catch the deadline." And this is true! Check it out! Whenever you feel a negative emotion, check your thoughts on your mind. Replace every negative thought with a positive one. Hold positive thoughts within you and you will instantly see your mood to change for the better.

10 τρόποι για να νιώθετε πάντα καλάPractice this technique and will slowly make your life and will constantly think positively. It's like driving. When you learn, think carefully every move before you make it. But after a lot of practice, commonly long hours at the wheel, driving now without thinking. It has become unconscious competence. So positive thinking. From unconscious incompetence (I can, but I do not know that I) may be unconscious competence!

5) Do good things

Come walk in nature, gather with friends and do fun, fun. Nurture every day to make even a small hobby you enjoy. You have an obligation to yourself and the people you love, to find ways to fill your batteries. If permanently sacrificing yourself and what you enjoy, such obligations do not think you do good to anyone this way. The self is like a reservoir of energy, which is to give to others and should be filled from somewhere. There should be a flow! Otherwise, if only gives and never takes, will eventually run dry. Or to put it more popular "if klatarei donkey ...".


With great joy I expect the observations, comments and of course your questions for the above article.

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