10 ways to always feel good II

Publication Date: April 10, 2013, 5:21 p.m.

10 τρόποι για να νιώθετε πάντα καλά6) To make your plate

Do not take yourself too seriously! Probably shock you to view, but your self is one of the few things that are not worth taking seriously. Make fun with him. Diakomodiste together and the situations that bother you. People aftosarkazontai live more carefree life. Like small children who are not afraid not to become a laughing stock and do what their soul yearns.

Be receptive and the plate. Do parexigiste for flea jump. People who receive the humor, first passed better and also be more pleasant company. If you find yourself angry with the satire turns you light your body that something is amiss. Means that it has altered the filter of your perception and makes you see everything black and more heavy than it really is. And if you leave even fun to spoil your mood, then you value in something that does not deserve.

7) Put your dancing in your life

Do not miss a chance to dance. There are so many people who say they do not know how to dance, so they do not dance ever. No matter if you know the steps or if you dance nicely. What is important is not to deprive yourself such a delight.

Dancing is flashing, gives wellness, exercises the body and fills our brain with feelings of joy and contentment. Latin or Cretan, Pontian or kalamatianos, leave the dancing to amaze. And if you do not know how to dance, just let the rhythm. Dance with your soul. Dance ridiculous. Diakomodiste it to you leave the shyness.

Rather than struggle to dance well and look tight, feel the rhythm and do crap. And laugh with you does not matter, half ashamed of their own, half yours. In the final they will laugh, they are finally seated and you stare. After all see it positively. Gives your talent with the world laugh. That in itself is positive. But do not let opportunity go to waste dancing and dance with intensity, energy.

The intense moments are the ones that are left and finally have something to tell. If you go Saturday night at a wedding feast what would you like to say to colleagues Monday you? "I went, I danced all night and have fun with my soul," or "I sat at the table and ate the whole buffet!"?

8) Do you see the situation with a view

To see beyond yourself the world around you. Especially if you encounter difficult situations, always helps to put perspective on your thoughts. Not everyone turns around yourself and certainly in the vastness of the universe, your problem seems trivial. The contact with nature always helps to broaden the thinking and acquires perspective. And perspective in turn, fosters the imagination and allows us to find creative solutions. Newton discovered the law of gravity, watching an apple fall on his head. Do you think that at that moment it was looking to discover or perhaps thinking of something else that puzzled him? ... Who knows!

10 τρόποι για να νιώθετε πάντα καλά9) Provide

Another dimension perspective is to "see" and the people around you. According to Aesop "there is always someone worse off than yours." The best thing you can do when you feel sad or lack of, is to offer. Voluntarily and without expectation of return, can offer. Time, money, material possessions, your energy, your love, what you have to spare, for some it is valuable. As for you and only the act of offering to make you feel "full" and stronger.

10) Have faith

Faith moves mountains. From wherever you draw strength to remember that faith is inexhaustible source of strength and energy. Cases of entrepreneurs who started from scratch and built pools up cases of patients who beat cancer with willpower ... their common ground: the will that always springs from faith.

Prime example of the value of faith, by far the most positive event of the century, literally a miracle-people who came alive from the rubble of the Chilean mine, where they lived for 68 days buried! How not to think of one good man after this?


With great joy I expect the observations, comments and of course your questions for the above article.

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